Purgatori is a character from Brian Pulido's Chaos! comics. She has appeared in several series, and developed relationships with many of the different characters.


Sakkara was a slave born in Egypt 1390 BC in Alexandria. One day she she meet an old Celtic man that told Sakkara there was away to escape slavery and become immortal. When the queen came to inspect the progress she saw Sakkara and was mesmerized by her beauty. She then became one of the girls in the queens harem and wife.

When Alexandria started getting worse worried the citizens rebelling the queen married her general Ramses to help keep the people in check. Ramaes said hemust be her only lover, when Sakkara returned she found all of the other girls dead so Sakkara fled in search of the old Celtic slave and his secret of immortality.

She found the old man as he was being attacked by guards and killed the guards. Just before he died the old man told her where to go. When she reached mountain Shakka found a ancient Celtic vampire named Rath. He turned her into a vampire then gave her his blood and made her a fallen angel and deity.

Using her newfound powers, she took revenge on her former lover and her new husband by inciting rebllion, turning them into vampiares, and burrying them alive.