vampire is a monster or a kind of human being

This movie recompose the novel “Låt den rätte komma in”. It tells a story about a boy, Oskar, who is helped and saved by a vampire. Oskar is a 12-year-old boy who is always bullied by his classmates. So, he pretty hates the classmates who bully him. From the beginning to end of the movie we only know one of his as a viewer. The vampire, Eli, becomes Oskar’s friend because they live very close. And the vampire teaches Oskar how to be tough and brave to face improper action that happens on himself. Then, Oskar successfully “revenged” to his classmate. But this behavior leads him into a dangerous situation. When Oskar almost get killed, the vampire shows up and save him out of danger. Because Eli’s behavior is very controversial and it is hard to tell the vampire is good or bad.

As we all known, the vampires kill people for living. Eli also can’t deny the eager for blood. So she sends her “family” to kill people and gather their blood. In the movie, she also killed a people under the bridge because of starve. At the end of the movie, Eli also killed all of people at the swimming pool. Killing people is not right. Her brutal, cruel, bloodless behaviors are based on living. She needs food from human body. For us, the normal human, mortal is afraid of her power and the existence of her.

But, Eli still have emotion feeling as a human. She is glad to make friend with Oskar. They know each other at the playground and Oskar borrow his own toy to Eli. And Oskar are surely happy about this because he doesn’t have any friends. Besides, Eli teaches Oskar how not to be a coward and brave to fight back the people who treat Oskar badly. Also, as we mentioned before, Eli killed all the people at the end of the movie. But the reasons are very complex. Eli doesn’t want her friend get killed. So she killed all of them controlled by anger.

In my personal view, Eli is a monster. Oskar should get over by himself. Although he is bullied by his classmate, tit for tat is also not a correct way. Eli killed so many people, which is unforgivable.

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