Blade is a film that was released in 1998 and in the film’s most basic form is about a vampire hunter.  The film has gone through much criticism, both positive and negative, but over the years this film has become popular with specific fandoms.

Plot Edit


The plot of the film, Blade, is simple and straight to the point.  After a pregnant woman is bitten by a vampire, a half human and half vampire is born, Blade.  Though the details of Blade's past is vague, you can come to the conclusion that Blade hates vampires because he lost his mother to a vampire.  Blade, being half human and half vampire, obtains many powers and traits of a vampire, including the trait of having thirst for blood.  As Blade and his father like figure, Abraham Whistler, try to find a cure for Blade to become a human, there is a villain who arises, who is an impure vampire, Deacon Frost.  Frost who was bitten to become a vampire wants to unleash the vampire blood god, La Magra, whom he believes will allow vampires to rule humanity.  The film then goes forward with the basic plot of the vampire hunter trying to stop the villain vampire from destroying mankind.

Character Analysis Edit

Though the plot of the film is plain and simple, analyzing the characters, Blade and Frost, is not as simple.  Both characters portray something different.  First you have a character, Blade, who was born half human and half vampire, but despises his vampire traits, mainly his thirst for blood, and he wants to get rid of his vampire side.  Next, on the opposite side, we have a villain who was turned into a vampire, being an impure vampire, but wants to embrace his new life and wants vampires to rule humanity.

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Many films and folklore stories have used vampires to establish group identity and create outsiders and this film does just that.  Blade again is half human and half vampire, he is stuck in between two diverse groups.  He has this hatred towards vampires and feels that he can never be part of a group who feeds off human blood.  But he also feels, since he has traits of a vampire, he will never be accepted as a human.  This shows Blade being an outsider, not belonging to a specific group.  Since Blade does want to be a part of the human group, throughout the movie, Blade is trying to find a cure to get rid of his vampire side.  This film is showing Blade trying to find his own self-identity.  At the end of film, he was given the option of taking a cure to make him completely human.  But instead he came to realize his own self-identity, and there is a reason for him being different or being the outsider.  He accepted himself and who he is.  In Frost’s case, it is similar to Blade’s case, he wants to be part of a group also, but instead of denying who he is, he is embracing what he has become and wants vampires to become something more.  He believes that the vampire society is weak and wants to create a new generation of the vampires.  In the film, Frost is shown as the outsider of vampires.  Frost is shown as the outsider because he is impure compared to the pure vampires, and his beliefs are different from the pure-blooded vampires.  The elder and pure-blooded vampires also resent him for wanting to change how vampires have lived for many years, casting him as an outsider.  But being different or being an outsider of the traditional vampire society does not stop Frost from getting what he wants.  Both characters show a different aspect of an outsider finding their own group identity.

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