Rupert Giles

Rupert Giles is a leading character on the hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Giles is played by the actor Anthony Stewart Head. Giles is first introduced to the series in the pilot episode as the new librarian. Gile is a "Watcher" for Buffy Summers (the vampire slayer)  and helps guide/mentor her in her vampire slaying quest. A "Watcher" is a product of the Watchers' Council. Giles is very committed to helping and protecting Buffy. In fact, in the pilot Buffy is adjusting to her new life at a new school trying to live as a normal teenager in high school when Giles introduces himself to her with a vampire book. She then runs away and tries to avoid. He then gains her trust by explaining who he was and why he was working at her school. Giles challenges Buffy early on to find vampires. She then, almost comically, finds a vampire almost immediately. Gile takes on a higher roll and leader for buffy. He is there every episode to help guide her, teacher her, and train her. Gile is displayed as a very serious and studious individual who is a go getter. (Episode 1,"Welcome to the Hellmouth").


As the show progresses, the viewer can see Gile to be an outsider among his community. At a young age, he rebelled against his parents legacy. He dropped out of Oxford University and was also rebelling against his responsibilities as a Watcher at the time. At this time, Gile started experimenting with dark magic and hanging out with a different crowd. By doing this he progressively steered away from the status quo and became and outsider. He was looked at differently by his family and friends. It was clear to him after steering off the path his parents left him, that the path was dangerous and noticeably so. He changed his lifestyle and got back on track (Caffee, Lecture 2 "outsider").

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