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An older couple and their daughter, Marusia, lived in a village which celebrated the holiday known as St. Andrew. During this holiday the girls in town would gather in one house for an entire week or more to bake and be festive. On one of the nights’ young men arrived with some music and wine, there was dancing all through the night. Maruisa was the one who was dressed the best, even though all of the girls were dressed to impress. A handsome young man with nice complexion and dressed finely entered the house. He greeted all of the young women and they greeted him in return, inviting him to join in on their festivities. As soon as he accepted their invitation he treated the youths by sending for some wine, nuts and gingerbread. The young man spent his entire night with Marusia since he had taken a liking to her. As soon as it was time to leave Marusia and him went out for a walk, where he stated that he could like to take her as his wife. When Marusia returned home she told her mother of the good news, the promise of marriage. Her mother advised for her to follow the young man and in order to find him, Marusia’s mother instructs for her to tie some string onto his clothing and follow him.  

The darken church by k d c-d3z179h


The following day both, Marusia and the young man, went to the festivities where they once again danced the entire night. The young man keeping Marusia close to him with a firm grip. Like the night before, he took her out for a walk, but as he was about to leave she sneakily attached the thread to his clothing. Once some time had passed she followed the thread to see where it would leave her. Upon reaching the end of the thread Marusia is lead to the church and after a few failed attempts of getting in she manages to climb a ladder. Taking a look through the window she is terrified with what she sees, the young man was eating a corpse and she makes her way home in a hurry. The following day she makes her way towards the festivities once again with her mother’s encouragement since she was unsure if she should go or not. At the end of the night she did not want to join the vampire for a walk as she has done the previous nights, she had no choice but to go since all the girls pushed her to join him. While on the walk the vampire questioned her about following him and seeing what he was doing in the church. At her denial he threatened to kill her father. The following morning, she had found out her father was in fact dead. The following two days the same instances occurred, but instead of her father it was her mother. At the end of the night of her mother’s death her own life was threatened and she went to her grandmother’s house.

Once getting to her grandmother’s house Marusia filled her grandmother in with all the events which have occurred. Upon listening to the tragic events Marusia’s grandmother advises her on what to do, which Maruisa does. After some time passes Marusia meets a fine young man who she eventually marries, on the condition that they do not go to church for four years. After two years of marriage they have a son. One day some guests went over and each of the husbands began to brag about their wives, saying their respective wife was the best. Marusia’s husband is offended when the other man says Marusia does not go to church. When Sunday comes around the family goes to church, much to Marusia’s dismay, especially since she sees the vampire there and he threatens the life of her husband and son. Once again Marusia goes to her grandmother for advice and does as she says. In the end, they do have their happily ever after, despite all the horrific events.  

Monster Culture in "The Vampire" Edit

Thesis 6: Fear of the Monster is Really a Kind of Desire

Considering Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s Monster Culture (Seven Theses) and “The Vampire” from the Russian Fairy Tales there are some connections between both. One could use Cohen’s thoughts on monster culture to analyze the reading. Within the sixth thesis Cohen presents the idea of the monster having to conform “…linked to forbidden practices, in order to normalize and to enforce” (Cohen 16). The vampire attracts individuals from the party with his good looks, charming ways and possibly even his money, since he immediately treated everyone to goods when he was invited to join in on their festivities. The vampire even dives into his own fantasy of marriage by asking Marusia to be his wife, despite him not revealing what he truly is to her and possibly being rejected. The fluid nature of the vampire is dangerously enticing since he is charming, not only with his looks, but with the way he handles other individuals. This vampire in particular offers a margin of a certain dominant power which is common in modern vampires: being handsome and charming.

Modern VampireEdit


The type of vampire talked about in Twilight is far from anything that has been covered in class. Despite the obvious differences, there are some similarities that this has and it has been mentioned within the last few lessons. The Cullen’s are othered by the students in their high school, they are considered much more attractive and mysterious to the humans. Not only are they seen as different, but they are also seen as attractive which in some cases could lead to mesmerizing or possibly even seduction (if this was a movie for an older audience). 

The Vampire Diaries

The type of vampires in The Vampire Diaries has a good combination of modern and ancient, since it still sees the vampire as a type of monster (despite it being somewhat glamorized). Someone who is the perfect example of a vampire who balances the old with the new would be Damon Salvatore. This man is handsome, charming, bad and he does not mind killing someone in cold blood. On the contrary his group of friends always have to try and bring him back from his dark side.

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