Sam as he appeared in Lost Boys

Sam Emerson is the protagonist of the movie The Lost Boys and made a cameo appearance in Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. His evolution from an innocent protagonist to a blood-thirsty vampire strucked the fans of the Lost Boys Series.

Lost BoysEdit

Sam Emerson moved to Santa Carla, a town filled with vampires. He has been lured to the vampire bussiness by Edgar and Alan Frog. Throughout the movie he tries desperately to find a cure for his brother Michael who has turned into a vampire, and to fight off a horde of vampires targetting his brother.

Lost Boys 2Edit

In the end credits he appears to Edgar Frog as a vampire. It is still unknown how he got vampirism, but he has turned aggressive and looks kind of happy that he is a vampire. He and Edgar battles in the end and it isn't featured who won.

Lost Boys 3Edit

He died at the end of his battle with Edgar, only his name appears in the tombstone.