Werewolf problem in central russia

Sasha is the main protagonist in the story "Werewolf Problem in Central Russia" by Victor Pelevin. Sasha is a teenager who stumbled upon a pack of werewolves while traveling from town to town. Upon meeting these werewolves, Sasha lied and said he was reacting to "the call". The werewolves gave Sasha the gift of lycanthropy, and let him join their pack.

Events in Werewolf Problem in Central Russia Edit

In Werewolf Problem in Central Russia,


Sasha is a teenage boy who was out on a senseless journey, even though he told himself he would not do so, and was looking for a village/town to sleep in for the night. He decided to travel to the town of Konkovo, watched a short film, and then kept on with his journey. Upon walking to the next town, he encountered six cars parked in the woods, with a group of people around a campfire. When he went to inspect what was going on, he was stopped by a woman named Lena, who told him to "Listen to me: don't even try to run. I mean it. You'd better wait about five minutes and then walk over to the fire as if you belong here. And make wild eyes. They'll ask you who you are and what you're doing here. You tell them that you heard the call. And sound as though you mean it. All right?"[1] After Sasha approached the rest of the strangers, he told them he heard the call and they gave him some sort of elixir to drink from. He witnessed all of the people at the campsite turn into wolves. The werewolves were different from the film I Was a Teenage Werewolf in several ways. The werewolves looked like actual wolves, as they were on four legs and did not attain any human features to the outside world, yet in werewolf form Sasha could see the human features he saw before. The pack arranged for two cows to be left in a field in Konkovo, so that they could feed on the animals, so they traveled as a pack to Konkovo. Unlike other stories that include werewolves, such as The Werewolf and the Vampire, there were several kinds of animals that humans could morph into. Sasha ran into were-owls, and became a werewolf with the help of a were-cobra[2]. When the pack reached Konkovo, an elder werewolf named Nickolai was summoned to the circle. He was accused of abusing his werewolf powers, and having shown his true form to the public. The leader of the pack urged Sasha to take his place, and to defeat Nickolai, as Sasha was a newcomer and has the soul of a wolf, and not a human. The two engaged in battle which included an array of insults back and forth between the two parties, and then a physical battle. Sasha defeated Nikolai, and when Nikolai lay there dying, his body turned back into a human who was sleeping the whole time. He learned that only people who transform into animals are real people, and that the shadows of humans are the ones who are actually "wild". He also learned that he had the power of becoming a werewolf the whole time, and that the elixir was a just a joke. Sasha is formally part of the werewolf pack, and learns that werewolves are quite the jokesters.

Werewolf Attributes Edit

The werewolves in the story contained many unique attributes relevant to the story.

-Ability to change wherever and whenever

-Take on the physical appearance of the wolf


-Be able to speak in barks and whines, and understand other wolves

-Have the speed and strength of a wolf

-Be able to have a human soul

-Be lustfully attracted to other werewolves

Sources Edit

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