In I Was a Teenage Werewolf, Dr. Brandon provided a rather interesting perspective on science. Often in horror or thriller movies we see a creator. This creator is responsible for skipping through what is moral and what is immoral in the name of science to push the limits of what is possible. Dr. Brandon is a psychologist who is in search of the right person to test an experimental serum that can bring a person into a primal state. In this film, Tony is just that person, he is a short-tempered and aggressive jock—who we see time and time again as the perfect specimen for this werewolf transformation. Other examples of this character include Tyler Lockwood from the Vampire Diaries, even though he transformed into a werewolf genetically and not by injection the same theme runs true. Tyler is also short-tempered and quick to anger, and has trouble controlling shape-shifting but unlike Tony he manages learn to control himself.

Dr. Brandon knows the risks involved in turning Tony into a werewolf but seems to push those aside to prove his hypothesis, he says when questioned by police that he entertains himself with fantasy and lives by facts. Since he was successful in creating a werewolf, anything the werewolf does becomes data for Dr. Brandon. His character is like what you see in Frankenstein stories, where a scientist is consumed with the idea of creating life from death despite the morality of it all.  In these types of movies or stories science is often parallel to magic or myth, and the doctors or scientists involved are often seen as the almost the villain, they are the creator of the threat or disruption and it is up to them to destroy their creation in order to solve the problem. In the case of Dr. Brandon, he does not want his creation to be captured or destroyed…but what will solve the problem of a werewolf named Tony?

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