Sergeant Donovan

Sergeant Donovan plays a key role in the film I Was A Teenage Werewolf. Without Sergeant Donovan, the entire plot would never have occurred. Sergeant Donovan has had multiple run-ins with the main character,Tony Rivers. It is Sergeant Donovan who ends up breaking up the fight that Tony was in during the opening scene of the movie. It is at this time that Sergeant Donovan tells him that he thinks Tony needs help in order to get by and achieve his goals. Sergeant Donovan then recommends the experimental scientist and hypnotist, Dr. Alfred Brandon. Unknowingly, this would eventually bring about the demise of Tony. Though Sergeant Donovan had good intentions for Tony, he ultimately is a part of the reason he end up dying. In this way, Sergeant Donovan is representative of society and government at the time. This is because Sergeant Donovan and the “establishment” both try to do what's best for troubled youth, but often end up hurting them more than they help. While the methods used on Tony to “help” him do work to an extent, they end up coming back to haunt him. This is often mirrored in the ways that society and government try to help troubled and confused kids who are struggling with the anxiety and frustration that comes with being a youth in America and in the rest of the world. This is seen in examples such as juvenile hall, which is intended to rehabilitate troubled kids but often ends up putting them in a cycle for the rest of their lives of being in and out of jail. This does not mean people should not attempt to help those deemed troubled, but rather that we should look more in depth into the methods we use to help kids, and adjust accordingly.

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