Although sexuality is not played upon as strongly in this film as we have seen in other films in this course, it is still evident. In this movie adaptation of the classical Dracula story, we still see Nosferatu tracking down and finding Lucy, Jonathan’s wife, before trying to hypnotize and seduce her. The main emphasis of sexuality is pushed upon finding and then trying to drink Lucy’s blood, but there are other more casual mentions of sexuality. When Nosferatu first meets Jonathan, he is overcome by the smell and sight of blood on Jonathan’s hands that he immediately reaches for the blood and begins to suckle on the injury site.

            In the classical Dracula story, similar events occur where Lucy is hypnotized and then is seduced by Dracula and any scene in where blood is drunk from a mortal’s body, one or both parties involved react as though there is sexual pleasure in receiving or giving blood from the other. There is a carnal, involuntary response of the mortals when blood is being drained from them, regardless of who the vampire is, their sexual orientation (either mortal or vampire), or what their relationship status is. When Nosferatu/Dracula take Lucy/Mina’s blood, Lucy/Mina is in a relationship with and married to Jonathan, but that is always disregarded once the vampire enters the screen and takes over the sexual pleasure and transforms the woman into a vampire, claiming her as his own.

However, the use of sexual pleasure when blood and vampires are involved is not a new idea in literature. Even in the earlier vampire lore that we read in this class, there was usually a mention of sexual pleasure when the vampire is draining the mortal of their blood. Some lore explains that there is a painful, piercing sensation that hurts but the victim cannot move or do anything against the pain since the vampire venom paralyzes them. This theory on venom could be the cause as to why certain stories and vampires are able to produce sexual pleasure in their victims when blood is being drained from the bodies, so that the victim will remain calm, still, and will constantly return back to the vampire until the victim either dies or is transformed into a vampire themselves.


Dracula, Nosferatu

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