In the 2008 film Let The Right One In, there is a theme of social exclusion throughout the film.  It is seen through the action towards both of the main characters, Oskar and Eli.


Oskar and Exclusion Edit


Oskar’s exclusion is quite different from that of Eli’s.  Unlike Eli, Oskar does attend school, and is seen to have a dysfunctional family while others in his class appear to have normal family lives.  This is one of the main causes of his bullying because he keeps to himself and doesn't have that picture perfect family.  The other boys will tease him, taunt him and even beat him up just because he isn't like other boys.  He will however earn justice as Eli kills his tormentors.

Eli and Exclusion Edit


Eli is also excluded from society as well but for a different reason.  Eli inhabits supernatural abilities that would seem odd to humans so she must remain inside her apartment.  However, at night she will go down and visit Oskar, a boy she has befriended from the complex.  She cannot go out because she puts herself at risk for being exposed as a vampire.  However, when she is with Oskar, she can forget that she is different from him and actually enjoy his company.

Result of Exclusion Edit


Oskar and Eli’s exclusion from society creates a bond between the two.  Both of these characters realize that they are each other's friend and must look out for one another.  Both characters had to learn not to care what society thinks of them but instead how Oskar views Eli and vice versa.  This is important because viewers see the bond being formed by the two, especially in instances like Oskar wanting to mix his blood with Eli’s to be bonded.  Another instance is when Eli kills Oskar's tormentor because she knows how much pain Oskar receives at the tormentor’s hand.  It created an “us against the world” attitude that is displayed by both of the main characters.

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