Summary Edit

Stephen Norrington's Blade is a 1998 film that gives a new perspective on vampires and breaks their stereotype. Blade is half vampire and half human, a creature that is not typically seen in the vampire world. He vowed to avenge his mother's death by protecting humans from vampires and he does so by assassinating them. Blade's surroundings are those that pertain to a typical vampire for he raids a night club that is owned by a vampire. He saves a girl named Karen from the club and their adventure continues throughout the movie. Through this, we see Blade resist his vampiristic tendencies by injecting himself with a special serum. Karen elaborates this serum and works on EDTA as a replacement. It is later found that when this is mixed with blood, it explodes. This serum becomes the major weapon in the movie for when the antagonist, Frost, kidnaps Karen, Blade injects the serum into Frost and he explodes.

Other Literature Edit

Blade is one of a kind when it comes to the vampire world. The only other time that I have seen a hybrid vampire is in the last Twilight Saga movie. The vampires in Blade are very stereotypical in the fact that they have the same weaknesses and seductive characteristics that vampires historically have. Blade himself displays a new “outsider” character that is also typically seen in vampires. Vampires themselves are “outsiders” and Blade is an outsider to vampires and humans, showing that he truly doesn’t belong anywhere. He also tries to suppress his vampire nature and uses his abilities for the better by protecting humans from vampires.

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