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The word Strigoi originates in medieval Romanian folklore. It is basically the standard form of an evil spirit. According to the stories, a vampire is a Strigoi possessing a bat, just like a werewolf is a Strigoi possessing a wolf. Strigoi also include ghosts, wights, banshees, wraiths, ghouls, zombies and other shades of undeath and all forms of lycanthropy.

Ways of becoming a Strigoi:

- A man or woman leading an evil life.

- A man or woman not buried properly. For example, a person who has died in the woods or at sea and not found is most likely to become a Strigoi.

When the prince of the Valachy, prince Vlad III, died, there is a legend telling that because of his cruel and sadistic nature, he would certainly become a strigoi. Therefore, he was buried beneath the altar of a remote mountain monastary. Several years later, when his tomb was uncovered and opened once again, where the prince's earthly remains were supposed to lie was merely a pile of animal bones.

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