The speaker first meets The Girl as she walks into his office. He was exhausted and was about to call it a night from the long non-successful day. The office environment is described as gray and quiet showing the eerie setting as the stranger presents herself. She is described as having a “thin neck,” “slightly gaunt,” “almost prim face,” with a “tumbling mass of dark hair,” and “looking out from under it the hungriest eyes in the world.” [1] The Girl then looked at him with her hungry eyes, eyes that were “nothing vulgar, but just the same they’re looking at you with a hunger that’s all sex and something more than sex.” [1] These reports describe the stereotypical powers of a vampire in the 1900’s as, “the vampire’s true ability to induce intense paranoia about the nature of social relations” [2] and also the tactic that vampires use to seduce one and suck their blood. This was the first hint to the speaker that the Girl is not safe, and might be a vampire.

After taking her picture and sharing them with companies looking for a model, each establishment were mesmerized by the Girl and immediately wanted her as their model. The Girl had many terms and conditions for being photographed. She was not to leave any contact information, not to see any of the speaker’s clients, and was not to be followed after shoot. As she spoke to the speaker she repeatedly calls him baby as if she was belittling him and showing him that she was in charge of the situation, but at the same time, she was also being a seductress. The seductive appeal was used in her speech, her in person actions, and visual appearance, which was how she was made to be such a successful model. The speaker falls under her trap of seductiveness as he repeatedly tries to make passes at her. Time and time again, “our hero can't make up his mind whether he's attracted or frightened by her” [3]. The Girl’s ability to entice the viewers through a simple photograph, which was even described as awful photography, clearly shows her un-human nature.

After quite some time, the Girl had become a well-known figure, and the speaker decides to break one of her rules and follow her, hoping to find her residence. She stops at a department store, which showed an advertisement of her. She waited in the shadows until a man showed up and using her appeal, left with him shortly. He followed her another time, and the same occurrence happened, but at a different place with a different man. The next morning in the newspaper, the man that the Girl had left with was claimed dead. Strangely, during this time, there had been six murders, or heart attacks, but the police were unable to determine the cause of death. The speaker struggles with this information, but does not come to any conclusion of the connection.  These events lead to another indication that the speaker is a vampire.

Finally, even after all the hints that the Girl had shown, the speaker still fell for the Girl’s seductiveness and took her arm and left with her after work. Stopping while on a walk in the grass, the Girl’s “hungry eyes were dark smudges.” [1] She then whispered to him a list of everything she wanted, which helped the speaker make the connections that she was a vampire.




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