The movie Blade is about a vampire hunter whose whole existence consists of him following packs of vampires from city to city in order to extinguish them. This movie continues many underlying themes surrounding vampires. In Blade, the vampires are still represented as an evil and negative force whose existence must remain a secret. The main character is Blade, a vampire bounty hunter who at the beginning of the movie appears to be hunting vampires for selfless reasons for the greater good to protect the world from an ongoing war between vampires and humans. As the movie progresses though we begin to learn that is not the case.

The whole movie resolves around this premise that the world humans are exposed to is just the surface. That beyond what we are aware of there is so much more. “The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping. There is another world beneath it--the real world!” (Blade) One of the things that humans are not aware of is an ongoing war between vampires and humans to take control of the Earth. At the beginning of the movie we are given the impression that Blade is fighting to prevent this takeover from occurring. As the movie continues although, we come to learn that Blade is “infected”. We learn that Blades mother was bitten while he was in the womb and for that reason he was possessed with some of the abilities that vampire’s posses. In order to suppress the unwanted effects, he regularly takes a serum. This serum is only a temporary fix though as his body is developing a tolerance to it. While Blade is fighting to save the planet from takeover by an elite vampire organization, he is also fighting to find a cure to save himself.

Regardless of initial appearances at the core of our actions there is typically a personal motive. While those motives may align with the correct thing to do, it is often our motivation for our actions. This concept can be represented using Blade.

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