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The Cramps "Teenage Werewolf" Fan Video

The Cramps Edit

The Cramps , an America "rockabilly" band from 1976 and active until late 2009 due to the death of their lead singer Lux Interior Their lineup was constantly changing save for Interior as the lead vocals and guitar as well as his wife Poison Ivy. The sound and genres of the band were constantly interchanging, but was considered to fit classically into the Rockabilly genre. The band themselves was also considered to be one of the pioneers for the earliest punk scene as well as the progenitors of the genre "psycho-billy." Their music included a wide range of themes of sexual and "camp horror" themes but also made songs based off of (now classic) science fiction and horror movies.

I Was a Teenage Werewolf - Song Edit

The Cramps' song I Was a Teenage Werewolf, based off the same name of the original movie in 1957 was a song that paid homage to the movie in theme and even style. The song, played in The Cramps signature rockabilly style was an homage to the title of the movie as well as an in depth narrative on teenage puberty and sexuality.

Lyrics and content Edit

The lyrics of the song (found and analyzed from AZLyrics) as well as the vocals convey the angst and sexual desire that a teenager would commonly go through lyrics as followed. Much of the symbolism in the song interchanges from how to teenage boy is portrayed to be a regular human but have animalistic/wolf like features. Interior's singing style portrays turmoil and even madness of the boy being this teenage werewolf and how he struggles to maintain his composure along with cry's for help.

"I was a teenage werewolf
Braces on my fangs
I was a teenage werewolf
And no one even said thanks
And no one made me stop

I had a teen-land mind
I had to blow my top
And under teen full moon 
No one could make me stop
No one could make me stop

A teenage werewolf
Parallel bars
A teenage girlfriend
Got a lot of scars
Somebody please make me stop
Ohhh please...

You know, I have puberty rights
And I have puberty wrongs
No one understood me
All my teeth were so long
And no one made me stop

A Midwest monster
Of the highest grade
All my teachers thought
It was growing pains, oh no no
Somebody stop this pain, ohhh..."


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