In I was a Teenage Werewolf Dr. Bandon played the tradition evil doctor. As seen in many films and literary works the Doctor never seems to make things better in horror films. Much to the shock of other characters the “Doctor” does not seem to heal patients but rather makes their situations much, much worse. Dr. Brandon, the psychologist in the film was supposed to help Tony manage his emotions and anger. PLOT TWIST! Dr. Brandon only seems to make matters worse as he injects Tony with a serum. The icing on the cake in this film is that the sound of a shrill alarm is what triggers Tony’s transition from human to werewolf form. Only the most painful, jerking, and annoying sound could trigger such a transition.

Similar themes of EVIL Doctors are seen in; Mary Reilly (recap if needed: )(Dr.Jekyll being the evil doctor), The Human Centipede ( recap if needed: ) (Dr. Heiter being the one to conduct the surgery) and most traditionally Dr. Frankenstein (creating the monster Frankenstein). In each of theses cases the doctors initially seem to be pleasant and helpful individuals however they later turn to be evil masterminds capable of much greater evils than expected. Dr.Jekyll is the clearest example since he has “two distinct faces”. Dr.Jekyll is a transformation of Mr. Hyde who is unaware and unable partake in the horrors Dr. Jekyll finds pleasure in. In The Human Centipede  the three girls are stranded and stumble upon the Doctor who allows them shelter in his home. Through Dr.Heiter is not overly warm and welcoming the girls realize they are screwed a little too late and become the subjects of his next experiment. Lastly in the traditional Frankenstein films Dr. Frankenstein, using his genius brain and science, manages to bring to life a monster of his creation.

In each of these films the Doctor becomes overwhelmed and obsessed with their work causing them to go against the Doctor Code of Practice. Returning to the original film at hand Dr. Brandon worsens Tony’s state providing the last push causing Tony to fall over the edge. In more pleasant news the Doctor in Bram Stokers Dracula Dr. Van Helsing seems to be a positive role model, thus far at least.... Who knows what evils hide in the back of his mind!

Until next time!

Scarry how all the Doctors seem to look the same.... Coincidence? I THINK NOT!






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