Just like many things in todays society, Little Red Riding Hood is a story that was told long ago that has been manipulated through time. As stores pass through different time periods and geographical regions they are adapted and molded. Stories are often used to teach lessons about life and as the circumstances of life change, so do the lessons that are applicable at the time. This is why stories are being changed through time, while many stories contain the same core details, often they are very different from when they began. Little Red Riding Hood is not the exception to this.


Little Red Riding hood has undergone some changes as it has been told and shared throughout the years. The changes range from the ending, to the characters and even the big bad wolf hasn’t always been a wolf. Details such as the type of animal representing the “wolf” vary depending on the geographical area. The wolf has been everything from a wolf in the United States to a hyena or fox in Africa and a big cat in East Asia. The story is believed to be from the 11th century. One theory about the origin of Little Red Riding Hood argued that it originated from Easy Asia and as expansion moved West the tale did with it. It is believed as it moved further West it was split into Little Red Riding Hood and TheWolf and the Kids, both popular tales that are very similar in setting and content. As stories move and change they will evolve based on their surroundings.

As the standards of our lives and the circumstances of our lives change, the messages and intentions of stories will change as well. Throughout time, differing cultures, geographic locations and time periods will change and as they change the old moral tales change with them.

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The Variations of Little Red Riding HoodEdit

The story of little red riding hood has been known for quite some time, the leading hypothesis of the origins of the story dates back 2,000 years ago and came about somewhere between Europe and the Middle East (Bohannon, 5). There are many variations worldwide and depending on where you grew up there can be quite some variation within the story. For example, if you grew up somewhere in the middle east it is much more likely that you would have heard the story The Wolf and The Kids, a story in which a wolf eats a goat mother and impersonates her and ends up eating her goat children (Bohannon, 3). The tales have similarities and it is said there there are more than 58 variations of the story from 33 different cultures (Bohannon, 4).

Two examples of the tale are Little Red Riding Hood, written by Charles Perrault and Little Red Hat, written by Christian Schneller. Although these two stories follow the general plot line of a little girl who visits her grandmother and travels by the woods, she runs into a stranger who later impressionates her grandmother and who later eats her after eating her grandmother, the two stories also differ in many ways. Within Little Red Riding Hood, the stranger is a wolf who eat the grandmother and pretended to be her, and when questioned by little red riding hood, the wolf merely makes replies in a loving tone (Perrault). Within Little Red Hat however, the story is much more gory. Rather than a wolf being the stranger, it is an ogre (Schneller). Also, the ogre takes apart the grandmother and places her body parts in various places as well as feeds little red hood parts of her grandmother (Schneller). All the while, when the ogre is questioned by little red hood, the ogre tells her which part of her grandmother she is interacting with a follow-up “shush child” (Schneller). Once little red hood gets into bed with the ogre the dialogue follows something very similar to the classic story and once again the girl is eaten (Schneller).

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