Abraham Van Helsing Edit

Twenty six different movies of this man and nobody seems to know the evolution of the character. Van Helsing really did exist in fact there are very old documents referring to his existence as well as a death certificate (died in 1934). Van Helsing was a man who was involved in many "witch hunts" and various claims of supernatural phenomena through out the century. In Brom Stoker's "Dracula" you have a stereotypical description of a vampire with common attributes of cunning and the power to woe women with a single glance, however, Van Helsing was described in further detail being referred to as a doctor and also specific manner of dress. This is because Van Helsing actually existed. There is some discussion about his early life of maybe he was a priest or an actual doctor during WWI. Brom Stoker hinted at the priest idea when he made Mina put sacrificial bread on her forehead as well as other very religious things that he does. You can see the evolution from the earlier films as a doctor who has had dealings with supernatural problems and strange remedies to solve them. Then in the 1992 Brom Stoker's "Dracula" you see Van Helsing starting to be more action hero oriented when he goes to Dracula's castle to destroy him. All this leading up to the 2004 film Van Helsing where you get this hero played by Hugh Jackman. The fact of the matter is that Van Helsing did indeed exist but the mystery of his character is still something that is being unfolded.

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