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The Family of the Vourdalak is a gothic novel written by Alexis Tolstoy. Tolstoy wrote this novel when she was on a trip to France and Frankfurt. Marquis d’Urfe was a young French diplomat who lived in a small Serbian village. The house he lived at was an old peasant named Gorcha. Gorcha is absent and he left the house ten days prior to go hunting. The day Marquis comes to the village is the tenth day of Gorchas absence. Gorchas had two songs named Georges and Pierre and they told them that they should wait for him for exactly ten days. He told his sons if he comes back any later than ten days, they should kill him. Gorcha showed up ten days later and his sons were confused. They think that their father become a vourdalak. Georges son dies and Marquis had to leave the house and continue to travel. Marquis came back from to the village and found that it was abandoned.

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