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“The Girl with the Hungry Eyes” is a short story written in 1949 by [1]Fritz Leiber. The story begins with a photographer trying to make a living out of his career choice. [2]Along his journey he ends up finding this mysterious girl who is the absolute perfect model. The Girl would only take photographs with the narrator and would only come if her conditions were met. The photographer was entranced by The Girl but eat the same time couldn’t shake this feeling of fear. The Girl possesses the power to entrance people as the photographer often describes feeling dizzy around her. Her mysterious aura causes the photographer to want to know more about her, which is why he follows her against her wishes. Later on the two go for a walk through the park where The Girl pulls him towards her. The photographer takes this as a sexual advance but The Girl swiftly corrects him and her true intentions become clear.

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In Fritz Leibers “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes”, the figure of the vampire is symbolically linked to the American advertisement and media industry. In the short story, The Girl uses her vampire identity to mesmerize and feed on the individuals who see her photographs. Similarly, product advertisement in magazines or television ads uses the same kind of tactics. Advertisers use the power of the product to memorize and trick consumers into thinking they need the newest thing on the market. This enables advertisers to drain consumers’ wallets in a similar fashion to they way The Girl drains her victims of their blood.

Early on the narrator of the story says “There are vampires and vampires, and not all of them suck blood”, hinting at the fact that the girl is not human. The Girl exemplifies innocence and normality, which hides her true intentions. She’s the perfect predator because she’s mysterious, intriguing, and everyone wants to know more about this elusive girl. [3]This image of The Girl can allude to the manipulative ways of traditional advertising. The way The Girl entrances her prey reflects the power that advertising has on consumers.

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