Horror of dracula

The Horror of Dracula is a 1958 UK film which stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and John Van Eyssen. The film is titled The Horror of Dracula, so it was not confused with the previous, unrelated installment, Dracula. This story of Dracula is a unique adaptation to the book and original film.

Synopsis of Film Edit

Introduction Edit

Jonathan Harker is portrayed as a vampire hunter who took up a job in Castle Dracula as a librarian. His true intention, being a vampire hunter, was to end the Count's "reign of terror"[1]. When he meets a woman captured in the castle, it is later revealed that she is a vampire. She bites Jonathan but the Count stops her, and the next morning when Jonathan wakes up, it is shown he has fang marks on his neck. This is unlike Bram Stoker's Dracula, because in that one Jonathan Harker is not a vampire hunter, but an estate agent, unaware of Dracula's secret. Jonathan hid his diary, which has all the information of his stay at the castle, and knew he would become a vampire unless he could kill Dracula and the woman. He impaled the woman, but when he went to impale Dracula he was gone, and was later revealed to be behind him.

Van Helsing's Quest Edit

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Later in the film, Van Helsing, who is Jonathan Harker's good friend, was looking for him. He stumbled across an inn where he found Harker's diary. Upon reading it, he traveled to Dracula's castle, saw Harker in a coffin, and staked him for his own good. Van Helsing goes to deliver the news to Lucy Holmwood, Harker's beloved, but it is revealed she is ill and was bitten by a vampire. Later, she takes off a crucifix and allows Dracula to bite her again, killing her[2]. Van Helsing shows Arthur Holmwood, Lucy's brother, Harker's diary. After knowing of the true threat of vampires, it was revealed Lucy is not dead, but undead, a vampire. Van Helsing and Arthur go to stake Lucy, and finally kill her, freeing her of evil's grasp. Later, Mina, who is Arthurs wife, is drawn to a home where Dracula is waiting for her, and he bites her neck. She becomes infected as a vampire, and Van Helsing and Arthur guard her in the night. Dracula sneaks in, bites her again, and flees with Mina in tow. Arthur and Van Helsing rush to Dracula's castle, and Van Helsing uses the power of daylight, and fuses candlesticks into a cross to turn Dracula into dust, saving Mina. This is similar to Blade, as the vampires, unless they are pureblood vampires, cannot be in the sunlight.

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