The Last Man on Earth was released in 1964 as the film adaptation of I am Legend[1], by Richard Matheson. Most of the shots were filmed in Rome, even though the movie was set in Los Angeles.

A scientist, Robert Morgan, becomes the last man on Earth when a plague kills everyone and it turns them into zombie vampires. Robert's wife and daughter become infected and eventually pass, leaving him behind. Depressed and isolated, he spends most of his time protecting his house by hanging garlic and mirrors. He also clears the roads of dead bodies and throws them into a giant fire pit. Robert speaks to himself in a stream of consciousness as the film follows him through various scenes. It is clear that he is very disturbed by the lack of companionship.

After three years of being alone Robert finally meets a dog. He is elated with his find until he realizes the pup is infected with the disease. Robert stakes the dog and buries it next to his late wife. Then, he meets a woman named Ruth who he bullies into staying with him. As the night goes on Robert discovers that Ruth is infected with the disease, but manages it by vaccinating herself throughout the day. Robert does his best to look for a cure, but ultimately the group of infected living people kills him. 

Vampires during this movie were portrayed as dumb and menacing. They served as villains instead of the protagonists we see today. As time went on, vampires became more sexualized like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Dracula. In The Velvet Vampire, the main character seduces a couple to visit her at her estate; the movie debuted in 1971. Vampires were portrayed as seductive and manipulative for positive gain. It was common to see more vampires in erotica as well.  

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