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The movie The Last Man on Earth (1964) is post apocalypse movies take with the adding of vampires. I has influence many other movies based on a apocalypse to be made for example the I am Legend remake, and other movies in which people turn into zombies and there are only a mere amount of normal people left. This movie was also based of the book I am Legend written by Richard Matheson in 1954. At first when this film was released it was not considered to be that good, but since then it has become quite popular in the vampire/horror genre. This movie presumably sparked the post apocalypse fad, which is still relevant in media today.

Social Context: Mankind’s Survival and Need for Companionship Edit

In this movie similar to most post apocalypse movies the survival of mankind is something that is very important to the main characters. However most other movies do not look at ones need for companionship.

In this movie the main character Morgan, is a doctor who believes that he is immune to the infection because he has been bitten by a bat. The first instance that indicates the context of mankind’s survival is when he goes out with his weapons to hunt and kill vampires. He does this because the more vampires he kills, the less pose a threat to maintaining himself, and he sees himself as the last of mankind. Another instance that indicates this context is when he kills the dog. At first he wants the dog, but once it becomes a threat to maintaining mankind the dog is killed. 

The need for companionship is something that all humans have. It is not normal or healthy for someone to spend all of his or her time alone. We first see Morgan’s need for companionship when initially his wife is infected but instead of killing her properly he only buries her knowing that she will return. By burying his wife without informing he authorities he is hoping to possibly reunite with her once again, because of his need for companionship. Another instance is with the dog; he cases the dog in hopes of bringing the dog home with him, so that he will have someone to be around. Lastly, the instance of when Morgan meets Ruth. Initially he is cautious of her, but he convinces her to come to his house because he does not want to be alone.

In this movie the context of mankinds survival and the need for companionship are prominent themes. The viewer can see these themes throughout the movie, and by understanding these themes it can help understand why Morgan acts the way he does. 

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