The Little Red Hat 

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The Little Red Hat another version of The Little Red Riding Hood. It is also more sinister and morbid than Charles Perrault's version of the story. The story starts at as the how the folktale usually goes. The little girl tells her mother that she is going to deliver her grandmother something. In Charles Perrault's version the little girl delivers cake and a pot of butter, the Little Red Hat has the little girl deliver soup for her grandmother. So the little girl goes to deliver and little does she know that her grandmother has been eaten by a monster, usually it's a wolf or a werewolf. In this version, the grandmother gets eaten by an orge. Most version of the story just has the monster shut the door, this version is more morbid and has the monster use the grandmother's intenstinse as a latch string and place her blood, teeth and jaw in the kitchen cupboard. The little girl arrives and doesn't realize what the "soft" thing she was pulling on was, even after the orge said what it was under his breath. This went on with the teeth which was the rice, the jaws which was the meat, and the blood which was the wine. The little girl did not realize what any of those things were. She then gets sleepy and the orge told the little girl to take her clothes off and get in bed. At this point of the story has the usual,, why are you so hairy, why do you have long legs, long ears, and a big mouth. Than the little girl proceeds to be eaten by the orge. 

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