Charles Perrault's folktale of the Little Red Riding Hood (France) is the classic tale of a young beautiful girl wearing a red hood and her encounter with a wolf on her way to her grandmother's house. Little Red Riding Hood was sent by her mother to deliver a small pot of butter and a cake to her ill grandmother who lived in a neighboring village crossing the woods. It was on her way to her grandmother's house that she encountered a wolf with malicious intentions. The wolf asked Little Red Riding Hood where she was headed and she answered the wolf, explaining she was going over to her grandmother's house to take her some cake and a pot of butter. The wolf asked her where specifically he could find her grandmother's house and, once he knew the whereabouts, headed off towards the grandmother's house. The wolf arrived earlier than Little Red Riding Hood and he sneaked his way into the grandmother's house. Once inside, he ate the grandmother whole and took her place in the bed. Shortly after, Little Red Riding Hood arrives and calls to her grandmother her arrival. The wolf answers in her grandmother's voice and leads Little Red Riding Hood into the room the wolf was in. The wolf instructs Little Red Riding Hood to take off her clothes and jump in bed with him, to which she follows. Once in bed, Little Red Riding Hood starts to question her "grandmother" about all her abnormalities to which the wolf ends up eating her whole, just like he did her grandmother.

The folktale of Little Red Riding Hood has a moral, and that is that young beautiful women should not talk to strangers. The reason for this is that a beautiful woman is bound to attract many strangers and it is never sure what a stranger's intentions are, whether they be good or evil. There have been many instances of girls going missing or being sexually harassed that there is a lingering fear of being approached by a stranger as their true intentions are never clear.

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