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The Others Edit

Othering is a term used to describe a person or group that is considered outsiders by society. The presence of othering in the Russian film Night Watch (2004) is a very important aspect of the movie. The film opens on a group known by society as The Others because of their special supernatural abilities. These individuals are put into two different groups in a camp that is separated between the forces of good and evil or dark and light. Although a truce is made between the light and dark forces, they decided to create a night and day watch team to ensure that all forces are behaving. The film then jumps to modern day and shows the viewer how the presence of The Others in society is still relevant through the use of vampires and witchcraft-like acts.

The use of othering and scapegoats in Russian literature and films is extremely common, but the film Night Watch (2004) does not portray these others as the lame or lowest class of society. Instead, they show that these others are often feared because of their abilities and many people may not know that they are one of The Others until they have their first unreal experience. This Russian film took two groups, who were both considered outsiders to the outside world and to each other, and put them up against one another in the struggle for ultimate power while also trying to survive.

When comparing the use of othering and scapegoating in the film Night Watch (2004) to the Swedish film Let the Right One in (2008), it is clear to see that both cultures used it to enhance their movies. People seem to be drawn to works of art, literature, or films that display others in society with the hopes of possibly relating it to something in their own life.

References Edit

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