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In the Film “I was a teenage werewolf” the main character Tony is the werewolf in the story. Tony is known for his temper and being easily angered that leads to multiple fights. Its starts out with Tony rivers getting in a fight with Jimmy on campus which gets the attention of police. Donavan the detective that breaks up the scene talks to Tony afterwards and advices him to see a psychologist for his anger issues. Donavan advices Tony to see professional psychologist Dr. Brandon but Tony refuses to get help as he does not feel responsible for his actions. Tony’s father and his girl Arlene mention to him how bad his anger problems are getting and also advise him to get physiological help but also refuses. Later on in the film Tony and his girl Arlene go to a Halloween party that was supposed to be fun but ended up fighting with Vic which was one of his friends because he blew a trumpet behind his back. This is when Tony realizes that he has overreacted to the situation and knew he needed help from Dr. Brandon.  The psychologist Dr. Brandon ends up examining Tony, and figured that Tony would be a good subject to conduct his experiment on to bring him back to a more primitive stage to bring out his anger and savageness. The psychologist gives Tony a sedative and injects him with a formula that will bring him back to a savage primitive stage through hypnosis every session. Later on Tony and Arlene go to the club house and ended up leaving early and offer Frank one of his friends a ride home but Frank refuses a ride. Frank ends up walking home through the woods late at night and the next day is found dead. Tony that next day returns to Dr. Brandon because he senses something is wrong with him and that he might be involved in the death of Frank. Later in the story Tony has a talk with the principal of the high school and mentions to Tony that she has a report analysis from the psychologist saying that he is doing very good. When leaving the Principles office, he walks into the gymnasium and watches a gymnast practice where he turns into a werewolf by the sound of the bell ringing where it throws him into savage stage killing the gymnast. Tony darts off into the woods from the high school where he hides from the police until the next morning where he then is a human once again. At this stage Tony realizes what he has done and accepts his responsibility which leads him to go back to town to see the psychologist. The Psychologist converts him back to a werewolf to have documentation of the transformation, but Tony ends up killing both Dr. Brandon and his assistant. At the end the police end up shooting Tony multiple times until he dies in the lab of Dr. Brandon’s office.


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In the movie "I Was a Teenage Werewolf," directed by Michael Landon (1957), a young boy named Tony struggles with the pressures of growing up and a unusually high propensity towards violence. Due to his several fights and growing violent behavior; the police, his school, and his girlfriend Arlene, all push him to seek the help of a psychiatrist named Dr. Brandon.

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Dr. Brandon Edit

After being highly acclaimed by Sergeant Donovan, and from the insistence of all those around him, Tony agrees to see Dr. Brandon. He is told he will be treated with hypnosis, and that a serum will be used to help him to be calm during the process. What Tony and the others are unaware of is Dr. Brandon's wish to conduct human experiments, using a serum he calls scopolamine. It is Dr. Brandon's true wish to attempt to regress patients back to a primal state, what we commonly would now consider the werewolf, and to control this "phasing." Much like the characters, Dr. Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Brandon wishes to manipulate human nature, and try to "enhance it." But as with the other doctors, these attempts fall short, and a monster is created. The more Tony visits Dr. Brandon, the more he shows characteristics of the werewolf. After an analysis of folkloric werewolf stories, one can pinpoint Tony's characteristics. Like in the Little Red Riding Hood stories, by authors such also Charles Perrault and the Grimm brothers, Tony starts to do things such as stalk his prey. When stalking a young girl left all alone, Tony fully phases to a true primal species, a wolf like creature, and attacks her. This was not the first of Tony's wolf like symptoms though. Tony initially showed violent tendencies, and would lash out at friends and family at the blink of an eye. Akin to the werewolf folklore, just as Little Red Riding hood is always pictured alone in the woods, in a scene before the semi-public attack of the gymnast, Tony stalks and attacks a friend when he is walking alone in the woods. Although the werewolf in this film is Tony, he was only a creation of Dr. Brandon, and therefore it is Dr. Brandon who is the true predator, and the metaphorical first werewolf.

Tony Edit

Tony, who is the main character in this film, was developing violent behavior which may be due to the stress in his life. After several fights, his girlfriend, Arlene, convinced Tony to go and seek a psychiatrist, Dr. Brandon. When Tony went to meet with Dr. Brandon, he was given an experimental shot that was suppose to treat Tony’s violent behavior and bring him back to his true self. The shot also carried a major side effect which was that it turned the person into a werewolf. As a teenager, Tony was going through a lot of stress in which he did not know how to cope with and this lead to his violent actions. The use of the werewolf was a way for Tony to hide his anxieties which was being treated with little respect and looking down on him but also made matters worse. This is also portrayed in the scene where Arlene’s father ask to meet with Tony when he was picking up Arlene to go to a party. Arlene’s father questions whether or not Tony was fit to be his daughter’s boyfriend. As Tony is being questioned, he gradually gets really angry and he decides to leave with Arlene. At that particular scene, one can see that Tony was being looked down upon; therefore, he was frustrated and after being convinced he decides to find a solution to the problem. One could say that by doing so, the problem got worse. Due to the shot making Tony into a werewolf, he was unconsciously doing even worser actions such as killing. Once he had started to realize that this was all due to the injection that Dr. Brandon gave to him, he kills Dr. Brandon. This portrays werewolves as being violent yet strong mythical creatures that are capable of killing someone within a blink of an eye. In a way, the film portrays the werewolf as being a bad character due to his violent actions which are never solved.


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