Overview Edit

This article will be discussing the sexuality of Werewolves in three different pieces of literature.  It will be shown how werewolves seem to only be attracted to young, beautiful women in these works of literature.

The Werewolf's Daughter Edit

In this folktales, readers can see how a werewolf’s sexuality is displayed.  At the beginning of the passage, it is written that the youngest of the nine daughters was “the most beautiful.”  This is one piece that explicitly states that the woman the werewolf is pursuing is in fact a young, beautiful lady.  Also, the reader see how the woman was able to outsmart the werewolf and save herself from being killed.  This is very different from the next two folktales.


Little Red Hat Edit

In this folktale, readers are not explicitly told that the protagonist is attractive yet many assume she is.  However, readers do see how she is fooled by an ogre and is eaten.  This is very different from the other folktales in that it doesn't have a werewolf but instead an ogre.  This may have lead to later re telling and even telling “Little Red Riding Hood” as having a wolf as the antagonist instead of a ogre. Yet she still seems to meet the same fate as “Little Red Riding Hood.”


Little Red Riding Hood Edit

This folktale also shows how the protagonist is a young, attractive women.  In the first sentence it states how there is a “little country girl, the prettiest creature who was ever seen.”  This again shows how werewolves are depicted into being attracted to beautiful young women.  However, readers see that in this story the young girl is eaten by the wolf, similar to “Little Red Hat,” instead of outsmarting the wolf like “The Werewolf’s Daughter.”


Citations Edit

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