In Horror of Dracula or just Dracula, the main character of Dracula is the epitome of what is considered the "sexual" vampire trope in a contemporary lens. It is through Christopher Lee's portrayal that the image of the alluring vampire took flight. In previous vampire tales, the vampire was this undead creature that was not appealing in the way that we consider "attractiveness" in modern standards. For example, the vampire in the 1922 German expressionist film "Nosferatu" portrays Count Orlok as this pale, demon like creature. He has long bony fingers and a bald head with large, pointed ears. The novels that portrayed these creatures all described them as animal's that gorged on blood and nothing else. So, what happened that transformed this ugly creature of the night to this suave, sexual man who is to die for? Margret Atwood once said, "The Victorian's always coupled sex with death." Dracula was this Victorian age vampire who represented this fear of intimacy for men and women in the 1800's. Sex was a scary thing in that diseases were being exchanged and women were dying in childbirth. It was natural that the "big bad" in Dracula preys upon the sexuality of these young men and women and deprive them of their innocence and humanity. Christopher Lee's Dracula is sexual from his appearance to his dialogue. He is seen with slick black hair and a pale complexion. Mina and Lucy are both seen succumbing to his alluring gaze and they both lose their sense of sanity as they expose themselves to the horrors that is Dracula. Exposing themselves to Dracula is just a tie to having sexual intercourse out of wedlock or the other repercussions that can come from performing such a "heinous" act. The sexual was scary and Horror of Dracula plays on those fears.

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