The character Tony from I Was a Teenage Werewolf” emphasizes the struggle of growing up as there is anxiety and stress from all the different changes. This character symbolizes a real teenager growing up with hormonal changes and changes in their physical appearance. Being a teenager is difficult because they want to get their own sense of independence but this means pushing away people that really care about them. As it is seen in this film, Tony wants to get help from Brandon to discover what is going on with him and if there is anything he can do that can make him a normal human again. This symbolizes that it’s impossible to fast- forward such a process just as teenagers try to fast- forward their life of trying to grow up too fast. The stress of growing up takes a toll on teenagers just as becoming a werewolf takes a toll on Tony’s life. There is the theme of fear of growing up because teenage years seem to be the hardest time of life but in reality life seems to get harder. Tony is experiencing this time of his life with transforming into a werewolf as well as having temper problems, which most teenagers have. The responsibilities of growing up seem to be hard for Tony not only because he is transforming into a werewolf but because teenage years come with the stress of picking out a college and becoming an adult. The thought of becoming an adult seems scary to teenagers because many responsibilities come along with that and one day they will be on their own. These changes in his attitude perfectly represent the thoughts and emotions that most teenagers go through. Tony becoming a werewolf symbolizes that being a teenager can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. This relates to a book “My Teenage Werewolf” as it is to express what teenagers are going through and as a mother is trying to figure it out what being a teenager is all about.

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