The Vampyre by John William Polidori (1) was one of the most influential earliest pieces of Vampire literature that premiered in the horror genre (A). The Vampyre was a classic gothic tale that inspired numerous vampire stories most notably Dracula (2). In the novel the main character Audrey meets a “man” named Lord Ruthven who offers to journey Europe with him. When they get to Greece they meet a beautiful woman named Ianthe who would later end up dead, with all of her blood sucked out of her. Audrey wouldn’t realize till later that this was Lord Ruthven’s doing and that he had been a vampire all along. Lord Ruthven and Audrey would be attacked by a pair of bandits in Italy and Lord Ruthven would become mortally wounded. Before he died he made Audrey swear that he wouldn’t tell anyone of his death for a year and a day and Audrey agreed. Audrey would later be shocked to find Lord Ruthven still alive when he got back to England, but he remembered his oath and didn’t tell anyone (C). Lord Ruthven would later become engaged to his sister and Audrey still tried to hold his promise, but ended sending her a letter on her honeymoon. The letter would arrive late however, and Audrey’s sister was dead. Vampires being very good with woman was also a new idea that was pioneered by this story. This type of romanticism by vampires become a very common idea in pop culture and fan fiction, even inspiring the hit book and movie series Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (B). This idea of the vampires not being able to resist the temptations of a beautiful woman would later be used as a common theme in later vampire stories such as Nosferatu (3). In Nosferatu the vampire would later end up dying because he was to engrossed by looking at the beauty of a woman to notice that the sun was coming up and that he was about to die. 

Class Sources 

The Vampyre by John William Polidori



Outside Sources

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