"The Werewolf's Daughter" is an old Slovakian tale that came from The Book of Werewolves(1865). It follows the theme a that a lot of old werewolf tales like "Little Red Riding Hood" used, a pretty young female protagonist being tricked by a werewolf with ill intentions.  Like a lot of werewolf tales, the morale of the story can be taken to mean that young women (especially those who are more attractive or wealthy) should take care to avoid predators.

The werewolf in this tale happens to be the father of 9 girls, all of marrying age. The youngest daughter, described as the most beautiful, is the protagonist of the story.  The father decides one day that it is far too much trouble, having to take care of 9 daughters after pondering what good they were doing him.  He decides to kill them.

He decides he will lure them to their fates by taking advantage of their trust, asking them to bring him meals while he is out working in the fores.  When the first daughter arrives with his meal, he comes up with a scheme while he eats.  He asks his daughter to come see a pit he has been digging and when they come to it, he casts her in and crushes her head with a rock.  One by one each of his girls brings him a meal, trusting their father, yet each of them suffers the same fate.  Eight daughters come and are killed before it is the turn of the young beautiful protagonist to bring her father a meal.

The youngest daughter suspects that something is wrong before she heads out.  When she arrives at the place her father is chopping wood, she sees a fire with two human heads roasting over it.  For whatever reason, our young ignorant protagonist approaches her father, gives him his meal, and follows him to the pit where the protagonists sister’s were murdered.  As the father was about to cast his youngest into the pit, she tricks him by asking him to turn around while she undresses and she casts him down instead.  The girl takes off and the werewolf follows closely, starting a chase scene.

Eventually the girl finds a hayfield and hides in the smallest stack until the father tires himself out and leaves.  Three days later the hunting King in the story comes across the protagonist, up to her neck in hay, apparently she is stuck or too scared to move.  They become husband and wife.

Years later a beggar shows up at the palace who just so happens to be the werewolf.  He ends up murdering two of the children of the king and queen and frames his daughter for it.  The King casts the Queen from the palace with the corpses of the children around her neck.  A hermit ends up finding the protagonist though, and he restores the children back to life.  The King sees the error of his ways, casts the werewolf off a cliff into the ocean, and they live happily ever after.


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