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The folk tale “The Werewolf’s Daughter” is a Slovakian story which is found in The Book of Werewolves. The story introduces the reader to nine girls with a father who is a werewolf. The father knows that all his daughters could easily be married and that the youngest one is by far the most beautiful out of all nine. Although he could have had his daughters married and out of his care, he figured that there was no use in taking care of nine girls any longer. The werewolf father decides he is going to kill all his daughters. He dug a large pit and ordered his daughters to bring him dinner in descending order of their age starting with the eldest gal. When his oldest daughter came with his supper, he showed her the pit he was digging and when she questioned her father regarding the pit he replied saying that they must have a place to be buried once they die because they are poor. After his explanation to his eldest girl, he told her that she must be put to death and be placed in the pit. She begged for mercy on her soul, but her father was not fazed by her cries and murdered her. As each of his daughters brought him food, he did just as he did to the first of his girls and killed all except the youngest. The youngest of his girls was very aware that her father was a werewolf and worried when her sisters did not return. Nevertheless, she went into the woods with food for her father and asked where her sisters had gone. He said that they were collecting wood for him and if she followed him, he would show her. The came upon the pit in the woods and the werewolf father proclaimed that she must die. The young girl knew she had to save herself and tricked her father into looking away from her while she took her clothes off. When his head turned, she gave him a push and he fell back into the pit! The naked gal ran through the woods, scared that if her father found her he would take her life. She found refuge in a haystack and hid there. The werewolf father grew weary are retreated into the woods, unable to find his escaped daughter. The King, who goes out hunting every day, stumbled upon the werewolf's daughter hidden in the straw and takes her back to his palace to become his wife with the agreement that no beggar would be allowed into the palace. Year later, a beggar winds up entering the palace and that beggar is the werewolf father. He sneaks upstairs, cuts the throats of the Lord’s children, and frames the queen by placing the knife underneath her pillow. Luckily, a hermit brings the two princes back to life and the king realizes that it was not the queen who killed the children but it was the werewolf. The werewolf is thrown off a cliff into the sea as a punishment of his actions.

A Werewolf's Fate Edit

In a lot of literature that uses the image of werewolves, the stories are usually concluded with the heroic death of the werewolf. In the film, I Was a Teenage Werewolf, the young high school boy, who is also a werewolf, ends up meeting his death when he is shot after killing his psychologist. The same fate lies for the werewolf from the story "The Werewolf's Daughter" and gives society the image that werewolves are evil beings who should all be stripped from their existence.

References Edit

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