The Werewolf’s Daughter is a very interesting read

and quite short, but there is a lot to analyze in this ten minute read. This popular tale comes from Slovakia, which is in central Europe, by the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, and Ukraine. It makes sense that this is where a popular werewolf story would come from given this regions proclivity to vampires and werewolves.

In this tale, a father, who is a werewolf, supports three daughters and comes to the conclusion that this is dumb and wants to kill them so he does not have to provide for them anymore. Two of them fall for his trap, but the third miraculously escapes. The third is discovered in a hay bale by the king and he decides to marry her. The father makes a return later to kill the two children that were born by the King and Queen. Naturally, the father framed the daughter (now queen) and she is cast out of the castle. A hunchback saves the day and brings the children back to life. The King realizes his mistake and brings his Queen back into his life.

Like the story, “Little Red Riding Hood”, the two naïve daughters are eaten up for their lack of awareness of the situation and trust in those who they loved. However, the third daughter had her wits about her and was able to see through her father’s plan after seeing her sister’s heads being burned in a fire.

Another story extremely similar to “Little Red Riding Hood” is, “Little Red Hat”. It is almost verbatim the same story, however instead of a wolf is an ogre that kills her grandmother and the granddaughter. The ogre also tricks her into eating different body parts of her grandmother. The girl lacks common sense, unlike the third daughter in, “The werewolf’s daughter”. She eats her grandmother’s teeth, jaw, and drinks her blood. One would think that these are very obviously what they are, but sadly no, she is still tricked into doing such a heinous act unknowingly. The third daughter is the only one who deserves the happy ending of becoming the queen because of what she went through and how she analyzed the situation. The others and those in the other tales did not analyze the situation. I do not say they deserve to die, but they are foolish.

The Werewolf’s Daughter was a very interesting read and quite original. It shows the audience to investigate and to trust people, but keep one’s wits about them.

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