Synopsis Edit

The Werewolf's Daughter tells the story of a man who has nine daughters. He becomes impatient with them and devices a plan to rid himself of their care. So he tells his daughters that he is going of to hew wood and that they must bring him food one by one starting from the eldest. There is a pit at his "work cite" and thus one by one he tosses them into the pit and kills them. By the time it is the youngest daughters(the most beautiful) turn she realizes there Is something going on since no if her sisters have returned because she suspects her father she heads out with caution. Her father tries to rid her as he has with the others but before he gets the chance to she asks her father if he may "Turn aside, father, whilst I strip off my clothes, and then slay me if you will." He becomes distracted and she takes this opportunity to push him in the pit and escape.

Character Analysis Edit

The youngest daughter in this tale is actually very unique in that she is not portrayed as being "weak" or gullible like female characters in other tales of this time. I say unique because during this time period women's roles had taken a drastic change and for the first time in history where placed in their own separate spheres. In this tale the daughter is quick to suspect her father and realize that something is not right and although she does receive help from another man at the end of the story, she is able to save herself from her father initially without any help at all. Unlike the young girl in the classic tale Little Red Ridding Hood whom ends up being easily tricked by the wolf and eaten.

The Werewolf's Daughter

Gender Roles in the 19th Century

Little Red Ridding Hood

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