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In this Slovakian Tale, there is a father that has nine daughters and is a werewolf. The idea of having to support so many children lead him to the decision of killing them. He started his plan by ordering his daughters to bring him dinner. The eldest followed his request and once her father ate his meal, he took her to a pit that he had been digging. He explained the pit to be a burial for when he and his daughters die, but he revealed his intentions and laid hold of her, killed her and cast her into the grave. The youngest of the daughters knew that their father was a werewolf and feared the worst when her older siblings did not return. She continued with her father's orders where she was eventually brought to the pit. When the father told her that she will have the same fate as her sisters, she tricked him by requesting he turn around as she takes off her clothes before he kills her. When he turns, the daughter pushes him into the grave and runs away. After the werewolf had stalked her and failed to capture her, the king eventually find her hiding in hay. He takes her back to the palace where they marry and have children.


Unfortunately, the father had found his way into the castle where her makes his way to the nursery and murders the two princes. He then places the knife that was used to cut their throats under his youngest daughter's pillow to frame her. The king falls for the werewolf's trick takes his wife from the castle and drives her home with the princes hung on her neck. A hermit then rescues the babies, bringing them back to life and the king realizes his mistake. He takes the daughter back and casts her father off a cliff into the sea.

Werewolf Themes and Sexuality Edit


The werewolf character in this story, as well as many others, portrays a predator that stalks young and beautiful ladies. The story itself explicitly states that the youngest of the daughters is also the most beautiful. This reoccurring character is tied to the werewolf character in many tales in order to exploit the dangers and traumas that occur with girls and predators. They draw attention to the young girl's sexuality in order to further convey the idea that predators, such as the werewolf father, are not to be trusted.

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