“The Werewolf’s Daughter” is a Slovakian folktale that tells a tale of a werewolf and his nine daughters. The werewolf, while in the forest one day, contemplates what the purpose was of having so many daughter. So he summons the eldest daughter to bring him his dinner in the woods. The werewolf makes the daughter sit with him while he ate, upon finishing his meal he had his daughter follow him to show her a hole he had dug. At this time the werewolf tells the daughter she must die in the hole and then he kills her. The werewolf repeats this for the next seven daughters, killing them and putting them into the pit. Finally the youngest daughter, suspicious as to why her sisters have not return reluctantly approaches the place her father is. The father leads the youngest to the pit, but she knows what is about to happen so she tricks her father and casts him into the pit and runs. The daughter escapes her father and is saved by a prince, who finds her in a stack of hay. They marry and have children and appear to be living happily ever after, but the werewolf returns as a beggar. The werewolf kills the children and frames the daughter, who is then exiled by the king. However a hermit comes along and revives the children. The daughter returns to the king and tells her husband of her father’s treachery. The king, realizing his mistake orders for the werewolf to be put to death by being cast into the ocean.

This tale teaches a very valuable lesson, being that you can’t easily escape your problems. The daughter thought that she had escaped the clutches of her werewolf father, only for him to return several years later unexpectedly and cause more problems for her. Eventually the father is dealt with for good, but it still is a vital lesson. Even if you think a problem is resolved it can always rear its head again.



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