The short Slovakia folklore story, The Werewolf’s Daughter is more than just about a father who is a werewolf and his nine daughters who attempts to kill. The short story also shows the development of maturity and adulthood as the youngest of the nine sisters learns to fend for herself. The story begins with the father trying to kill his nine daughters because he is tired of supporting them. The youngest of the nine daughters slowly notices how her sisters have gone missing and the illness that has fallen on her dad. When the youngest daughter goes to see her father in the woods, she is quickly able to outwit him and get away as the author depicts the scene, “He turned aside as she requested, and then -- tchich! she gave him a push, and he tumbled headlong into the hole he had dug for her”. This quick stroke of courage shows that the young daughter is developing into a woman and adulthood. Though this may be an odd and extreme situation of maturity, the embodiment of the werewolf symbolizes the unexpected experiences and the development of adulthood. This theme of the werewolf can also be seen the short folklore story Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault. Both girls in the story express the naive and trusting personality of children that people are able to take advantage of. While both werewolf’s in the story express the abrupt experiences of adulthood and how to handle people in the world. The concept of safety is brought into werewolf folklore, “The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stay and talk to a wolf….”. The idea of “don't talk to strangers” is shown in both stories to teach children a lesson about being cautious and taking care of themselves. Both stories show the importance of being safe while also confident in yourself.   

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