The Werewolf’s Daughter (linked  below)  is a story about a father werewolf who has nine beautiful daughters and in the end he ends up killing all of them but the last one. She figures out what her father’s has been doing with her sisters as well as his plan for her to match their fate so she tricks him. She is able to escape and a king finds her. A while later her father comes back as a beggar but is pushed off of a cliff and is gone for good. This was one of my favorite stories I have read in awhile. It shows how greed can make people do some crazy things. This story is very different from the werewolves one may hear about today. In most film and television wolves usually come in a pack and they will to whatever they can to protect their pack, their people. They would not kill them unless it was best for the pack. A great example of this is in the Twilight series. Something that is very important to their pack is that they stick together and do what is best for each other and the people they love as well as protect. I have a link below explaining how packs truly work and how they vary from the twilight universe but also how they are similar. Vampires are very different in this case. In most of the stories I have read or heard involving vampires they are very by themselves types of creatures. A great example is in Death at the Wedding (a short story) the vampire in the story was full of himself and how fantastic he was. He was so distracted by his own wants and power it lead to his downfall. This is more the attitude that the father in The Werewolf’s Daughter was like. He was very different to the usual pack “alpha”.

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