In the tale The Werewolf's Daughter the werewolf is father to nine daughters, with the youngest being the prettiest. One day the father realizes that he shouldn't have to support all of the daughters who are by now at the age to marry so he decides to trick them and kill them. As he continues to kill his daughter off the youngest daughter begins to get suspicious of where her sisters had gone. In the end she takes her father food and doesn't fall for his tricks. She runs away later to be found by a prince who takes her to the palace but her father comes later and kills her sons making it look like the daughter had done it making the King kill her. Then they bring the kids back to life who tell the truth of what happens and they bring the daughter back, kill the father and they live happily ever after.

Other werewolf tales like Little Red Riding Hood tell of the girl being in danger from a stranger that approaches the little girl and eats her. In this tale it tells of a father that kills his daughter. The significance of this is that in Little Red Riding Hood girls are told to be cautious around strangers but in The Werewolf's Daughter they are told that they need to be wary of family members and those that can seem to have good intentions but are pulling tricks. The father in The Werewolf's Daughter shows the anxiety of the society that fathers in the country are capable of hurting their daughters the same way strangers can.

The story also gives the impression that the only way girls can be saved is the emergence of a prince. Also that even when we get away from the threat, if we don't bury them then they can walk back into our lives to bring trouble.


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