In the short story, The Young Man and His Vampire Brother, the author perceives vampires not as monsters but as saviors and patrons for people with kind hearts. The story revolves around a son who was abandoned by his family and left with little. He then spends the rest of his earnings on a deceased man who died in debt while also giving him a proper burial. The dead man then became a vampire who accompanied the young man on his travels. Throughout the young man’s travels, the vampire continually gave advice to the young man to help his situation of being jobless and unwed. In the end, the vampire gave the young man a job, wife, and gave him back his pride and respect. Even though the young wife ended up being an evil serpent which the vampire and young man kill. The vampire claims, “I am the dead man whose debt you paid. Therefore, I have rewarded you for your good deed” showing that this representation of vampires is quite different to past myths and stories. Past stories and representations of vampires such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer which perceives vampires as dead humans who are dark, scary, and prey on innocent victims. In the episode, ”Welcome To Hellmouth ", vampires are seen as excluded from the community and in constant hiding. Meanwhile, in The Young Man and His Vampire Brother, vampires are seen out in the open casually walking amongst the living. This can be seen, in the scene when the young man enters the Tavern and plays cards with two vampires. In the old stories vampires were seen as murders and serial killers of the undead while also being tricksters. In today’s modern media, vampires are seen as average human beings who are more attractive than the average person. This can be seen in the movie “Twilight " as the Cullen family is full of people who are more attractive than any average family. Over the years, the representation of vampires has drastically changed.


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