In the film Night Watch, there are the historical themes of the battle between lightness and darkness within the character of a vampire. In this film there are two different types of vampires, those who are good and those who are bad. This binary system, has historically been present in two different characters, or even one character with a split decision to be good or bad. This historical scapegoat of vampires being the evil is counteracted in this film as there is one side of vampires fighting for good over the curse the Virgin, and then the vampires who combat some of the good. This type of balance presents a idealistic society, which can be compared to a normal society. However, the Night and Day Watchers both scapegoat one another for the problems that each side has. Throughout the movie, the Night Watchers accuse the

Night Watch (2004 film) theatrical poster

The depiction of good versus bad in the movie poster.

Day Watchers of becoming licensed and turning more humans, also known as “murdering” the humans, creating more work for the Night Watchers from then on. Anton’s son Yegor, utilizes his father as a scapegoat to ease back into the darkness due to the fact that his father had tried to kill him years prior. Each side utilizes the actions of the other in order to justify their current problems or solutions.

By presenting these completely separate yet equal sides, it allows the audience to discern their favorable outcome for the movie. The different sides easily portray the binary system of society historically and currently, in example; women versus men, black versus white, night versus day. By providing an audience with context of medieval arguments, it allows the audience to compare these two-sided issues since the beginning of time. By comparing this film to historical context of the separation between genders, races, and the arguments for what is justifiable or not, this film captivates both sides of the argument that vampires are good or bad.

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