Willow is depicted as a shy nerdy girl in the first episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". She is looked at by most of the kids in the school to be a socially awkward and unpopular girl. We know this because Cordelia makes fun of Willow in front of Buffy in the beginning of the season 1 episode 1 "Welcome to Hellmouth". Cordelia states that she a nerdy/shy girl that does not have any taste in fashion. First off this goes to show who Cordelia is as a person and sets the tone for who she is and what she might bring to the rest of the show. After this seen Buffy quickly notices that something seems off with Willow and wants to go help her. After Buffy talks to Willow and Willows friends. We learn that Willow has not given the time of day by a person who cares about her. As the episodes goes on we see that the vampires notice that she is weak person and eventually target her out of the crowd. When the guy vampire throws Willow into the graveyard monument. She seems startle and stands up for herself. This is the only time she stands up for herself in the episode. She stood up by saying to the vampire that she does not feel say and that she is leaving. Before she had a chance to leave the girl vampire came rushing in saying that she is not going anywhere. Eventually Buffy comes into save the day. Although that was a little act of bravery and strength, it gave a new look on who Willow might become throughout the show. Going down a way’s in the show in season 5 episodes 1 "Buffy vs. Dracula". We see that she now can create fire and bend elements. Although this is later in the show. This is an example of how far she has come and how she has developed in becoming her own person.


  • season 1 episode 1 "Welcome to Hellmouth"
  • season 5 episodes 1 "Buffy vs.


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