Themes in Red Ridding Hood

When we typically hear about the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”, we associated it with a young girl who wears a red hood who is taking her grandmother food. She travels through the forest and strays off her path, where she meets a wolf. In result the wolf kills her and her grandmother. There are multiple themes to this story but the most common one is stranger danger, so ill start with that one first.

The wolf in the story resembles the evil people in the world that children need to stay away from. When the wolf first encounters Little Red Ridding Hood he comes off quite nice and friendly. He begins asking her question, which comes off too Little Red Ridding Hood as harmless. This is understandable for Little Red Ridding Hood to believe this, since it is hard to tell good from bad. Children and even adults always want to find the best in everyone but that’s not always the case. As “It tends to be the most innocent and nice "wolves" that can end up being the worst ones in the end.” It is the job of parents and guardians to teach their children not to talk to strangers, but evil has its ways of manipulating the young ones. The wolf manipulated Little Red Ridding Hood to get into the same bed as him to be eaten, by pretending to be her beloved grandma who she trusts.

Another theme present in the “Little Red Ridding Hood” is the color red.  The color red has positive and negative aspects to it. The young girl was gifted the red riding hood, which “suited the girl so extremely well that everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood.” (Perrault). The positive aspects of the color red are of course love, energy, and attraction. Little Red Ridding Hood resembles these characteristics, by showing the love for her grandmother bring her food, having the energy children have to go on adventures, and being a young innocent child that’s filled with happiness, which people are attracted too. The negative aspects of the color red are evil, violence and fear. The color red foreshadows Little Red Ridding Hoods encounter with the wolf. The wolf is depicted as evil by hunting the innocent child and her grandmother. Violence is shown by devouring both the child and grandmother. Lastly, fear is portrayed by the way the wolf talks, for example the repetition of Little Red Ridding Hood describing the wolfs body parts and the wolf responding with what each is necessary for his creature characteristics.

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