Summary Edit

In The Werewolf's Daughter, a Slavic tale, the werewolf has 9 daughters which he feels he is finished providing for. He decides to kill them off in order of age. The youngest one however is able to catch on when she realizes that her sisters have not been returning home. She goes to her father in the woods and asks where her sisters have gone. He tells her they are working and she needs to be killed. He asks her to stand by a ditch but the daughter is smart. She asks her father to turn around while she removes her clothes. As he does so she pushes him into the ditch and runs. He eventually gets revenge in killing the child of the King and Queen and put the knife under her pillow, however a hermit brings the child back to live showing what really had happened. They killed the werewolf and all lived happily.

Themes Edit

This story ties in historical themes as well as more modern ones. The theme of family is first, although this is technically a family it is clearly not considered what a modern day family would be thought of. Right off the back the father is ready to get rid of his children because in this day and age women were unwanted as children. They could not provide anything, they must be married off. Because of this, sexuality would also be considered a theme in this instance. For example, the youngest daughter asks her father to turn around so she may undress and he obeys her. This proves the point of women's body's being one of the only things that can capture attention at this time period. Although times have changed it is easy to see some of these similar themes in works today. Because these tales are so old, they have paved the way for more modern stories to be told.

Citations Edit

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