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In 1957, a horror fill by the name of I Was a Teenage Werewolf starring Michael Landon there are many as a teenager who was somewhat troubled. This film was one of the more successful films that was released by the American International Pictures (AIP).  The main charter Tony Rivers, is known for losing his temper often as well as overreacting to many situations. After a fight with one of his classmate Tony draws attention from the local police station. Tony is sent to see a “psychologist” Dr. Alfred Brandon who is a strong believer in hypnotherapy. He has his own agenda for Tony, he thinks that Tony is an excellent choice for his experiment with scopolamine serum that he developed to regress personality’s back to their original state, bring people back to their most primitive instincts. Dr. Hugo is very agents this experiment serum he believes it might kill tony, despite his protests tony is given the serum. The serum cause Tony to transform into a werewolf and starts killing many people. At the end of the film Donovan and Chris the police who took an interest in him after the fight at school are forced to shoot Tony the werewolf to death to stop him. After doing so Tony returns to normal leaving Donovan to speculate the involvement of Brandon and the mistake of a man interfering in God’s realm. I feel like this movie drew references from Bram Stoker’s Dracula and was almost inspired by it although it is a vampire and a werewolf these two works of art carried similar social lessons about sexuality and gender. I also feel that this movie also has many similarities with Lil Red Riding hood both deal with the struggle of growing up and finding out what the real world is like. Lil red trusts the wolf and puts her and her grandmothers life in danger, Tony trusts the doctor and ends up being turned into a werewolf and getting killed as well as killing many others.

In Class Source

Lil red riding hood By Charles Perrault

I Was a Teenage Werewolf By Gene Fowler Jr.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Outside Sources

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