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When anyone talks about saving a race, it never goes well.

With this idea in mind, we take a closer look at the 1957 film, “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”. This specific depiction of a “werewolf” is different than many other folktales, films, and stories expressed throughout the community. Typically, they are portrayed as monsters whose only intent is to kill. Whereas most of the time, they turn out to just be in fear of their lives living among the humans. There are some who believe that humans are descendants of wolves. This idea applied to curious scientific minds, forming the foundation on which this film was made. Trying to do the impossible and succeed in confirming the unknown is the only motivation that Dr. Brandon had in mind. He obviously had no thought or care for others safety, including his own. When Tony first comes to see him, he says, “Before we enter the mind, we must know the condition of the body”. Tony absorbs this as to help his anger and acting out towards others, like many teenage boys. Although, Dr. Brandon is solely referring to using the supposed past of the human race to know who we truly are in present. Although, interfering with the laws of nature and attempting the impossible always comes with a price. In this case, it cost 4 people their lives, including the doctor and Tony himself. This message is confirmed throughout many stories throughout the years, from humans changing themselves, to werewolf’s who change others in order to have another in their life to share and understand them. Making a werewolf from a boy with anger issues by using a formula, its completely disrupting the laws of nature, given that Tony was never meant to become a werewolf, but just unlucky circumstances landed him in the wrong hands. When Donovan stands over Tony’s lifeless body, he says, “It’s not for man to interfere in the ways of God”. Now, if we take subjects whom are supposedly born as a werewolf, they are in the confinement of the laws of nature, therefore making it less of a challenge to understand the unknown. Many werewolf’s in this case, are very understood and most of the time alone. So they resort to the only thing that will fully understand them, another werewolf. By biting a human, they transform, although as I had enforced, everything comes with a price. And for the most part in this case, the newly turned werewolf, turns against his master or the complete human race out of confusion and hatred for what he has become. For many, becoming a werewolf entitles you to either be born one, or bitten by one. Not many stories or depictions of werewolves include scientific measures involved in transformation. Although, many just want to imagine a life different from theirs, good or bad. This strongly comes across in every depiction of fantasy, one of the few places where the mind can always run wild and fully of emotion.


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