Thomas Hutter is the Nosferatu analogue to Jonathan Harker in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He lives in the fictional city Wisborg, Germany and is employed by a man named Knock. He is married to Ellen Hutter, who is under the care of his friend Harding for much of the movie.

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The story of Nosferatu is set in motion when Hutter is sent to the Carpathian Mountains to work with a client named Count Orlok. On the way to his destination he is stopped by several locals that are apparently terrified by the very mention of Orlok’s name. After spending the night at the inn, Hutter finds a coach that can take him the remainder of the distance to Orlok’s castle. His first intuition that something is wrong with Orlok is when Orlok attempts to drink the blood from his wounded thumb after he cuts himself at dinner. The following morning, Hutter wakes up and sends a letter to his wife, in which he mentions two unusual punctures on his neck (although he believes they were the work of mosquitos). It is at this time that Hutter begins to realize that Orlok is a vampire, based upon a book he had gotten from the locals that stopped him earlier in the film, and the evening of this realization Orlok comes into his room.

Orlok buys the home across from the street from Hutter’s residence in Wisborg, and as soon as Orlok leaves his castle, Hutter attempts to rush home, but instead injures himself while escaping from the castle. After healing in the hospital, he goes home, where Orlok has been terrorizing the town. However his wife, Ellen takes it upon herself to kill the vampire by tempting it all night until it falls dead at dawn. Hutter’s final onscreen appearance is him cradling his wife’s body after she has helped to kill Orlok.

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