In the popular film of “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” Tony a young teenager in high school goes through a huge transformation. The film shows the viewer the hardships and struggles the he has to overcome. Tony is portrayed as a troubled child who is not performing well in school. Tony is also known as a trouble maker and bully at his school, even though he has gotten in trouble he refuses to change.  His cared ones constantly told him that if he did not make a change he would not be able to graduate from high school. After being a victim of a mirror prank Tony beats up his friend, which made him realize that he had an issue. That being said Tony visits a doctor named Dr.Brandon. When Tony visits the doctor turns him into a werewolf as a result of his immaturity. Prior to his transformation Tony possessed the qualities of a werewolf. The reason that Tony is chosen is because he did not have the right morals. Tony was not a nice boy and was preying on humans such as a werewolf. As well Tony posed angry such as a werewolf. Prior to becoming a werewolf Tony would hurt his pray yet now that he is a werewolf he has the power to kill then. Because of Tony’s need to kill he mistakenly killed three of his own daughters. IT is not normal for humans to treat other humans in that manner, and that is what the director was trying to portray to its viewers. One trait that he grew was anxiety, as a werewolf Tony was constantly afraid of being attacked. To the films young viewers it shares a message that kids should not be violent no matter the circumstance.


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